CNC drilling machine usage process

2022/09/29 09:25

1. Carefully check whether the power grid voltage, oil pump, lubrication and oil amount are normal before work, check whether the pressure, cooling, tubing, tools, tooling fixtures are intact, and do a good job in the regular maintenance of the machine tool.

2. After the machine tool is energized and started, the mechanical zeroing operation is carried out first, and then the trial operation is 5 minutes to confirm that the machinery, tools, fixtures, workpieces, CNC parameters, etc. are correct before they can start normal work.

3. Carefully check whether the programming, parameter setting, action sorting, tool interference, workpiece clamping, switch protection and other links are completely correct, so as to avoid accidents and damage to tools and related components during circular processing. Strictly follow the operation process to test the cutting knife, after the commissioning to do a good job of program protection.

4, automatic cycle processing, should close the protective sliding door, in the spindle rotation at the same time need to carry out manual operation, be sure to keep their body and clothing away from the rotation and moving parts, so as not to involve the clothes in the accident.

5. The spindle or turret tool magazine loading operation must be carried out in the state of mechanical movement stopping, and pay attention to the cooperation between the cooperative personnel to avoid accidents. When changing knives manually or automatically, pay attention to the installation position of the turret, tool magazine, mechanical arm rotation and tools, etc., and the body and head should be far away from the rotary part of the knife to avoid injury. For machining center machine tools, attention should also be paid to checking the correspondence between the tool magazine knife sleeve number and the tool number to prevent the tool magazine tool number confusion caused by tool change interference or machining collision accidents.

6, the workpiece clamping should be clamped, so as not to cause accidents caused by the workpiece flying out, after completing the clamping, it is necessary to pay attention to the chuck wrench and other adjustment tools to take it out and take it away, so as to avoid the accident caused by the spindle rotation.

7. The machine tool operator should be able to handle general alarm failures, if there is a serious failure, it should be quickly powered off, and protect the scene, timely report, and make a record.

8. After the work is completed, the machine guide rail and table should be wiped clean, and the work log should be filled in carefully.

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